Maintaining acreage properties are a big job and that’s especially so in the summer months. Grass, shrubs and weeds grow like there’s no tomorrow and to keep that grass at bay, you could get a goat … or the better option is to get a professional team, who have all the right equipment, skills and experience to deliver whatever it is that you need done.

Acreage Mowing

Acreages, large and small, are a challenge to keep looking at their premium, sheerly because of the amount of times it takes.

Don’t want to spend your weekends mowing? Acreage Maintenance provide a quality service and we are 100% reliable.

Steep Terrain Mowing

Mowing steep terrain can be difficult and if you don’t have the right equipment, it can also be dangerous.

Depending on the growth and severity of the slope, some standard ride on mowers simple can’t handle the task. 

Acreage Maintenance are specialists in steep terrain and sloping blocks so let us know how we can help.

True & Shrub Pruning

There are a number of reasons we are called on to do hedging, pruning, limb and branch removal and a lot of the time we find it’s simply to let in more light.

Regardless of the reason, don’t risk damage or injury to yourself or your garden and use an experienced team that have the necessary equipment to carry out the job.


Our licensed herbicide operators can help spraying, lantana, bush cleaning, turf weeds, overgrown gardens, paddocks & grounds.

It’s important to ensure operators are licenses as they have knowledge of the equipment and herbicides that they need to use and the effects that weather conditions can have on chemical applications.

Slashing & Brushcutting

Slashing and/or brushcutting is necessary for areas that have tough, long or thick grass that can’t be managed with just mowing.

It’s an excellent way to cut down growth quickly and is also a very necessary task when living on the Sunshine Coast to ensure your land is clear of combustible debris as we lead into the fire season.

Bush Clearning

Bush clearing is not a task that can be performed by just anyone because it’s absolutely imperative that the correct equipment is used for the specific task at hand.

It will radically reduce the risk of a bushfire on your property, and the impact of a fire if one does occur or you could just want to clean it up to enhance your view.

Ground Maintenance

We offer reliable, scheduled grounds maintenance for sport fields, commercial properties, investment properties & public spaces to name a few.

First impression to matter and it will be the exterior of your commercial or investment property that will mean a good first impression or not so.

Seasonal Cleanups

The most practical and productive method to have your acreage looking great all year round, is to give it a good cleanup at specific times of the year and what needs to be done usually depends on the seasons.

Seasonal yard cleanups are important and especially so for ridding your land of weeds which will in turn allow for new growth.

Handyman Services

Reliable property maintenance for commercial & residential customers.

A one stop shop for all property repairs both inside and out.

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